Western Valley Farm #4

The Boon family milks 850 cows, 3x/day on their dairy using the latest in batch milking technology. Their double-20 Champion™ Parallel parlor is outfitted with MM27BC milk meters featuring blood conductivity monitoring, MC7 claws, and 06 shells with fast yet gentle-milking Clover™ liners. Cow comfort is obviously a priority on the farm as seen with the installation of a DSG10 sort gate, an AFB1000 automated footbath and Swinging Cow Brushes. The Boons merge all of the data from many of these solutions in ALPRO herd management software, helping them make informed decisions about what’s best for their cows and business.

Key statistics:

Western Valley Farm #4

Stanwood, Washington, USA




Cow Herds



Equipment overview:

(1) Double-20 Champion™ Parallel parlor

MM27BC Milk Meter

MC7 Claws

06 Shells with Clover Liners

Alpro Herd Management

DSG10 Sort Gate

AFB1000 Automated Footbath

Swinging Cow Brush SCB

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