Heiman Holstein

Heiman Holstein is taking productivity to the next level with an assortment of DeLaval milking solutions which includes one of the country's first installations of DeLaval Teat Spray Robot (TSR™). This family farm in Marshfield, WI milks 500 cows, 3x/day in a 40-stall DeLaval rotary outfitted with gentle, yet effective DeLaval Clover™ liners. A DeLaval sort gate DSG10 and ALPRO herd management technology help the Heiman’s manage the health and longevity of their herd.  

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Key statistics:

Heiman Holstein

Marshfield, Wisconsin, USA




Cow Herds



Equipment overview:

DeLaval PR3100HD - 40 Stall rotary

Teat Spray Robot (TSR™) 

Alpro™ Herd Management

DSG10 Sort Gate

Clover™ Liners

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