Haier Dairy

George Haier, owner of Haier Dairy in Eden, NY, has been a dairy farmer since he was young. He worked on his grandfather’s farm until taking it over after his high school graduation in 1984. 

In 2010, George’s hired hand was about to go off to college at a time when good help was getting more difficult to find. This caused George to seriously consider robotic milking. After farming in a tie-stall barn for years, he decided to install a DeLaval VMS system to enjoy the lifestyle benefits robotic milking can offer. Though nervous about its installation, George was computer-challenged at the time, he liked that his college-bound employee could login from school and help navigate the system.  

In the years that passed,  George has become more proficient. Now he is able to analyze almost any piece of data needed to help manage the herd.

Using the VMS has helped Haier Dairy achieve  4,900+ lbs per day while the herd’s somatic cell count (SCC) is consistently under 80,000.

Key statistics:

Haier Dairy

Eden, New York, USA




Cow Herds


Automated Milking

Equipment overview:

DeLaval VMS

DelPro Herd Management

Sand Bedding

Similar farms:

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