Armson Farms

Armson Farms is a fourth-generation family dairy located in Pavilion, NY. It got its start in 1942 when Jack and Arleen Milligan bought the 152 acre farm and used Jack’s initials (Austin Roy Milligan) and add “son” to create the name. Originally a stanchion barn with 60 cows, the farm grew over the years until sons Bob and Don took over in 1989. At that time, Bob and Don were milking 125 cows in a double-6 herringbone parlor.

With Don’s unfortunate passing in 2004, Bob’s sons Jack and Todd purchased his half of Armson Farms. Today, Bob and his sons are farming 1,800 acres with approximately 500 registered Holsteins. Currently they use a Double-20 Champion parlor and the family plans to continue growing the herd.

Key statistics:

Armson Farms

Pavilion, New York, USA




Cow Herds



Equipment overview:

Double 20 Champion Parallel Parlor

MPC 150 Automation

Usher Crowd Gate

C-125 Washer

8000 gal DXNF Tank

Yukon Snap Instant Cool 

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