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Scott Adams was pretty straight forward when asked why he installed DeLaval Voluntary Milking Systems VMS™ robotic milkers.

“I want to have the ability to go to a concert – or a ball game.”

Visiting Adaway Dairy, it’s clear family and dairying run deep. The dairy itself is in at least its 4th generation milking – and the entire family contributes in one way or another to the dairy farm. Readying the dairy for the next generation – robotics became the chosen route.

Nathan Adams – who serves as the de facto herdsman – admits, “I love the robots.” Speak with Nathan, and he can readily call out the current milk weights; SCCs; preg rates. The herd average currently stands at approximately 2.9 milkings/day.

The dairy began milking with two DeLaval VMS on December 7, 2011, and have plans to add several additional VMS in the future. Currently about half of the herd of 240 milking cows are milked using VMS; the others are being milked in the original flat barn until the additional robots are added.

First attracted to robotic milking at World Dairy Expo, it was a chance meeting with Dave Melchert of United-Suckow Dairy Supply at a hay expo which started the journey to installing DeLaval VMS. Adaway uses a variety of DeLaval solutions supplied by United-Suckow, including teat dips and the DeLaval Swinging Cow Brush.

Key statistics:

Adaway Dairy

Waucoma, Iowa, USA




Cow Herds


Automated Milking

Equipment overview:

(4) DeLaval VMS

DelPro Herd Management

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