Eleven DeLaval Teat Dips and Detergents Receive Organic Approval

BANNOCKBURN, IL (October 5, 2016) – DeLaval Inc. announced today that five teat dips and six clean-in-place (CIP) detergents have been listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI). Tri-Fender, Della Care Enhanced, Bovadine, Prima and Blockade dips as well as Dairy Cycle 3, Della Super Liquid, Della Supreme, Prime D, Ridstone, and Zone III detergents were added to OMRI’s list of products approved for use in certified organic food production. 

The approvals enhance DeLaval’s commitment to all segments of dairy farming, from organic to conventional, providing a more complete offering to the company’s already impressive milk quality product selection. The products approved for use offer organic producers a large variety of options to address their farm’s unique circumstances and include not only pre/post and barrier dips, but also iodine and non-iodine ones. More information about the CIP cleaners and dips may be found at DeLaval’s booths 3011 – 3315 at World Dairy Expo, October 4 -7 in Madison, WI.

OMRI is a voluntary program that offers manufacturers an independent and confidential review of their products to assure compliance with the USDA National Organic Program (NOP). The NOP is responsible for the development of organic standards and accreditation of organic certifying agents. The review process includes ingredient verification and evaluation of the manufacturing process to ensure that OMRI listed products are made in compliance with the NOP standards. As a result, farmers and producers recognize and rely on OMRI and the OMRI seal to help protect the integrity of their organic production systems.

“OMRI listing provides a trusted source for organic certifiers to rapidly identify products approved for use”, states Pablo Janowicz, Portfolio Director for Milk Quality and Animal Health Solutions in North and Latin America, “We were happy to make the investment with OMRI to help provide all producers with the tools they need to be successful. Our goal is to provide the highest quality milking technology to enable a producer to meet their own high standards of quality.”

Tri-Fender, Della Care Enhanced, Bovadine, Prima and Blockade teat dips are presently approved by certain local organic certifiers.  DeLaval expects OMRI-listed versions of these products to be available January 1, 2017.

OMRI is a nonprofit organization serving the organic community and the public by verifying inputs such as fertilizers and other products intended for use in producing certified organic food or fiber. Products that meet the USDA organic regulations are listed in the OMRI Products List© and are allowed to display the OMRI Listed® seal. For Canada, OMRI reviews products to the Canadian Organic Standards and compliant products may display the OMRI Canada seal. The latest OMRI Products List or OMRI Canada Products List© are available at OMRI.org.

Interested producers should contact their local certification agency for further details.


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