Feeding and Nutritional solutions

This is a fully automated DeLaval feeding system for your cows and calves from silage harvesting to the distribution of feed on the feed table or in the feed station. Since all feeding solutions are linked to the same herd management program as your DeLaval VMS, you will have a full overview of each individual cow’s performance and behavior.

Feedtech™ silage additives

Improve the dry matter yield and maintain the energy content of your preserved silage. In addition to improving fermentation, L. plantarum MiLAB 393 produces compounds which demonstrate broad spectrum antifungal activity against feed-borne filamentous fungi and yeasts. These compounds help to improve aerobic stability compared to non-treated silage.

Feedtech™ silage M25AS

Feedtech™  silage M25AS is a combination of fast-growing and competitive lactic acid bacteria such as L. plantarum MiLAB 393 and P. pentosaceus PC3. These improve the fermentation of ensiled crops while a unique strain of L. buchneri increases aerobic stability by inhibiting the growth of yeasts and moulds at feed out.

Feedtech™ silage M60

Feedtech™  silage M60 is a unique blend of lactic acid producing bacteria which produces a quick pH drop. This is thanks to a fermentation strategy that ensures the bacteria are working during the entire fermentation process.

Feedtech™ silage M20XC

Feedtech™  silage M20XC is a blend of lactic acid producing bacteria including Lactobacillus plantarum  MiLAB393, Enterococcus faecium M74 and Lactococcus lactis SR3.54. These bacteria ensure a fast pH drop resulting in an effective fermentation, which is key in producing high-quality silage.

DeLaval feed stations

With unique dribble feeding, each cow can eat at her own speed, as many times as she wants to each day.

DeLaval calf feeders

Complete calf feeding solutions with both milk and concentrate feeding. Automatic weaning gives faster growth and stronger calves that will become better ruminants.

Feedtech™ electrolyte

Treatment which supplies needed electrolyte solutions to re-hydrate calves that have diarrhea.

Feedtech™ calf probiotic

Establishes healthy gut flora in your calves. Gives calves an advantage against pathogens. Can easily be dispensed with DeLaval calf feeders.

Feedtech™ DFM supplement

It can be mixed into whole milk or milk replaces to support milk clotting and digestion, to reduce digestive disorders. Also helps preserve treated milk.


Not all DeLaval products are available in all countries.

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