DeLaval parallel rotary PR3100HD

Suitable for:

Core benefits

  • Milking 12 to 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.
  • Angled stalls for continuous cow flow
  • Smooth entry, easy udder access

Milk more cows per hour in this reliable heavy duty milking system. Fast throughput is important when you have hundreds of cows to milk, milking 12 to 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

DeLaval parallel rotary PR3100HD is the ultimate milking facility for large and heavy duty dairies. It is designed for high performance, low maintenance and a long life.

DeLaval PR3100HD is an external rotary which provides for milking calm cows in a fast, consistent milking routine. It has angled stalls for continuous cow flow – smooth entry, easy udder access, milking comfort for relaxed cows and easy exit. The rotary turns at optimum speed for maximum throughput and high volume milk harvesting. Platform sizes range from 32 to 100 stalls.

Labor efficient: DeLaval PR3100HD design dictates following Standard Operating Procedures and makes work easier for the operators than in most milking parlors. It has fixed positions for udder preparation, cluster attachment and post-dipping. The milking environment is modern, professional and comfortable for milkers.

Designed for reliability and durability: a unique tracking system keeps the platform rotating around its true centre. The platform design does not require physical anchoring to the centre, and this reduces wear and tear on the central gland. The platforms are ultra-durable and easy to keep clean. Equipment is well protected.

DeLaval provides heavy duty design support to help you to plan your heavy duty rotary – and once it is installed you can rely on DeLaval InService™ to provide heavy duty preventive maintenance support.

Patented angled stalls Cows can enter and exit the platform quickly, for fast throughput  Cows can see those ahead of them exiting, so they know when it’s their turn to exit  Detacher cords don’t catch on your cows’ dewclaws
Easy exit, exit bow Low stress exit – cows just take a couple of steps backwards and are gently pivoted away by the rotation of the platform  Fewer stalls needed in the exit lane = more stalls available for milking = improved parlor efficiency  Enables faster rotation speeds, increased throughput 
DeLaval automation Each cluster can be placed in the CIP position as soon as its last cow is milked, eliminating an extra revolution for wash set-up
Electric variable speed drive motors High reliability with even power distribution  Higher efficiency than hydraulic drives 
Multiple electric drive motors Provides backup protection at a fraction of the cost of a completely redundant hydraulic drive system. Low investment costs, reduced downtime 
Self-tracking patented nylon multi-roller system Low maintenance – minimal lubrication and no bearings required  No radius rollers or spokes  The platform rotates on its true centre – reducing wear on the central gland 
Stainless steel vision barriers Increased throughput and improved operator efficiency – cows load quickly without hesitation, reducing the need for operator intervention 
Platform washing system Reduces labor and improves parlor aesthetics – automatically cleans the skirting, platform and entry lane as the platform rotates 
Platforms sized for large or small breed cows Cow comfort with good cow positioning – cows fit the stalls comfortably without stress or unwanted freedom of movement 
Emergency stop cables Keep workers and cows safe – one cable around the outside, and one around the inside of the platform. Pulling either cable stops the platform immediately 
Entry rump rail switch Prevents injury to entering cows – tops the platform immediately if a cow gets caught between a moving stall and the fixed rump rail in the entry area 
Standard D-gate Provides protection from injury by separating entering and exiting cows. Moves in both forward and reverse directions. Stops the platform if an exiting cow gets caught between a moving stall and the D-Gate. Stops the platform moving in reverse to protect cows in the entry area 
Exit photocell switch Senses a cow backing off the platform and prevents the platform from reversing until the cow is clear. This protects exiting cows from potential injury 
Stainless steel low profile cabinets are standard, designed for functionality and performance Cows have an unobstructed view of the exit area over the cabinets so they anticipate when to exit, can swing their heads over the cabinet to start turning before the exit, and then exit quickly and smoothly  The cluster and hoses tuck under the cabinet when retracted – for durability and operator convenience.
Equipment is well protected 
Take-off arm Ensures consistent unit alignment, excellent hose management, and keeps retract chains out of the cow’s reach. It enables even milk-out with less squawking.  It is convenient for milkers, and controls the unit and hose position when retracted 



Light rail Directs light where your milker needs it, for comfort and convenience 
Brick decking Superior wear-resistant, anti-slip surface for long life, low maintenance as well as cow comfort and safety 
ALPRO™ herd management            Can be used to control and monitor milking, feeding, breeding and overall herd health management, making it easier to maintain a healthy herd.

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