Put the PLUS+ in your farm

At DeLaval we can make any farm more productive and more profitable.

Dairy farming is our passion, that’s why we’re working hard for you every day by developing and delivering integrated solutions – advanced technology, tools and services – that will help you meet your performance and herd management goals so you can keep farming.

Whenever you need us, DeLaval and our dealer partners are there with you and for you – around the clock. In partnering with you, we can help improve the productivity and profitability of your farm by bringing together these three foundations of farm management:

  • Milk quality
  • Herd health
  • Productivity

Ultimately, you are the one that puts the PLUS+ in your farm, but you can count on DeLaval for help every step of the way.

Milk Quality

Advanced milking quality ensures your milk remains fresh and at peak quality from the moment it leaves a cow, to the time it leaves your farm. This is the key to receiving premium prices.

The quality of your milk is the result of several subsequent decisions – and we realize that choosing liners, teat dips, sanitizers, tubing, milk filters and hoof care products can be overwhelming. That’s why we thoroughly research, test and perfect our consumable assortment to give you the peace of mind that your investment will help increase milk quality and animal health while reducing the incidence of infection, cross-contamination and treatment.

We can help you achieve low somatic cell count levels on your farm with a wide range of iodine and non-iodine teat dips, like Tri-Fender and OceanBlu, as well as sanitation solutions like Reduced Temperature Detergent (RTD) and Zone. In the U.S., all of our teat dips and detergents are 100% NPE free and many have been since the 1980s, demonstrating that we are deeply committed to doing what’s right for the environment, the industry and dairy consumers.

A consistent milking routine, more effective milking speeds and better monitoring of milking points can also help you achieve premium milk quality. Inflations, also called liners, are the only things that touch your cows during the milking process, so it’s important to understand the technology behind the liners you choose. The DeLaval Clover liner features a unique, patented shape that gently hugs cows’ teats to allow for optimum milk letdown, while our LS-01 liner is designed to boost output by minimizing squawk. Pinpointing sick cows faster with our online cell counter is also another way you can monitor your milk quality and keep your herd healthy, giving sick cows the treatment they need when they need it and before it becomes an issue. 

Herd Health

Effective herd health means having the right tools and processes in place and combining them to ensure your cows have a healthy and productive life.

Data is playing an ever-increasing role in the efficiency of a dairy – and cow comfort is no exception. With the right information, you can take a proactive – and even predictive – approach to the care of your animals. By detecting illness or other health occurrences early on, you may be able to reduce your usual insemination, vet and feed costs, while increasing productivity and milk quality. Take, for instance, Activity meter system which monitors individual cow movements, especially useful if she is in heat, or a milk meter with blood conductivity which measures her day-to-day yields and abnormalities in the milk.

Herd management technology is quickly becoming the norm on modern farms. From sort gates with RFID to body condition scoring cameras, each is designed to enable your work, your profitability. To bring it all together, you need a robust herd management system, like our DelPro software, which can help you focus on the key performance indicators (KPIs) which drive your decision-making.

Just like us, what your cows eat has a direct effect on their health. With our award-winning Feedtech™ silage inoculants, you can be sure the silage you put up stays fresh and mold-free. When it comes to your herd’s health and comfort, we go the extra mile with the DeLaval Swinging Cow Brush. This crowd-pleaser is brings joy to spectators and cows alike! What’s more, it’s been proven to reduce clinical mastitis by 34% and increase milk production by more than 2 pounds a day!


Optimal productivity is about getting the details right. At DeLaval we help you achieve this by ensuring that cow traffic runs smoothly, your milking equipment is performing optimally, and the milking process is fast and effective. This way, you maximize throughput and milk yield while minimizing your costs per pound of milk.

While the cows are priority number one, your milking parlor is at the center of your operation. How you choose to milk is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make for your farm. Our 100+ years of experience engineering milking systems has not only propelled us as a market leader, but as an innovator of the high-performing PR3100HD milking rotary, and the industry’s first, and now fastest, milking robot, DeLaval Voluntary Milking System (VMS™).

All of our milking systems, including the tried-and-true Champion™ parallel parlor and state-of-the-art MU480 milking unit for stanchion barns, are designed with considerations for maximum yields, labor efficiency, sustainability and lifestyle in mind.

It’s, of course, paramount that your equipment is operating optimally, at all times, which can mean around the clock. The scheduled maintenance of our InService agreements can offer you the peace of mind that everything is working how and when it should be. 


Add PLUS+ to your dairy operations today.

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